Release of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Certification Programme for Communicating with Civil Society

nuclearpolitix is delighted to announce the release of the latest ‘WINS Academy Elective Module’ on Communicating with Civil Society.

This course is targeted at professionals in the nuclear sector whose responsibilities include communicating with civil society on nuclear security issues. It aims at redefining or strengthening communication approaches to enhance and secure the support of stakeholders in civil society like CSOs, NGOs and the media towards the secure management of Nuclear and Radioactive materials. According to WINS, “the support of such stakeholders, including journalists, politicians and community leaders, is necessary for the successful development and use of nuclear and radioactive materials — whether in industry, medicine or agriculture. When community members trust the organization and its leaders, the support they provide can be invaluable. However, when distrust and conflict are the norm, protests, negative media coverage, lawsuits and the like can harm an organization’s reputation, financial performance, and ability to conduct business. Moreover, supportive statements from a third party always carry more weight with the media than anything from the industry itself.”

Find out more about the course here. For more information of WINS, please visit its website.


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